Elected Officials


Jason LeBlanc


Division 1 - Lorne Jahn
Division 2 - Don Hilstrom
Division 3 - Kevin Daoust
Division 4 - James Trobert
Division 5 - Ramona Dukart
Division 6 - Steve Smith

2021/22 List of Committees & Appointments

AGRICULTURAL Councillor: Don Hilstrom

AIRPORT Liaison Committee: Ramona Dukart

ASSESSOR: Michelle Dickie, Alternate - Kerri Abraham  

AUDITOR: MNP, Moosomin

Board of Revision & Development Appeals Board: Sheryl Ballendine, Stew Demmans, Cameron Duncan, Tim Lafreniere, Mike Waschuk, Gordon Parkinson, David Thompson, Stuart Hayward and Saumya Vaidyanathan as the Secretary to the Board, all of Western Municipal Consulting Ltd.

BUILDING Inspector/Officials: Wayne Meier, Travis Elkin, Shenah Cartier, Clayton Meier and Ryan Thieson of MuniCode Building Services Ltd, & Manager of Engineering Services, Billy Fowler

CEMETERY: Lorne Jahn

CITY/RM: Jason LeBlanc, Don Hilstrom, Steve Smith and Administrator Michelle Dickie

COAL Transition (Provincial Funding):  James Trobert, Alternate Steve Smith and Administrator Michelle Dickie

COAL Transition (Estevan Region & Federal): Steve Smith and Administrator Michelle Dickie

CREIGHTON Lodge: James Trobert and Administrator Michelle Dickie

CREIGHTON Lodge Trust: James Trobert

Southeast Saskatchewan Economic Partnership (SSEP): James Trobert, Alternate Steve Smith and Administrator Michelle Dickie

Dog Catcher: Ben Brokenshire

DOG Pound: Estevan Humane Society or Prairie Animal Health Center

ELECTION: Returning Officer:  Michelle Dickie

ELECTION: Polling Place:  Municipal Office #1, 322 4th Street, Estevan

EMERGENCY Measures: Ramona Dukart, Kerri Abraham and Alternates: Michelle Dickie and Keri Lukye

ENGINEERS: Contracted as needed

ETHICS: Complaint Investigation (For Council Code of Ethics)  Kevin Daoust and Ramona Dukart


FIRE Rangers: Councillor for each Division

FINANCE: Reeve (chair) all members of Council

SUN COUNTRY HEALTH Leadership Network: Kevin Daoust

St. Joseph's HOSPITAL Foundation: Kevin Daoust

HUMAN RESOURCES and EMPLOYEE RELATIONS: Jason LeBlanc, Steve Smith and Kevin Daoust

LEGAL Services: Bridges & Company (Rob Nicolay), Kohaly Elash Ludwig (Aaron Ludwig), MacPherson Leslie Tyerman (Eileen Libby); SARM Legal staff

LIBRARY (Estevan & SE Regional): Ramona Dukart

MINES SE Community Advisory: Lorne Jahn and Don Hilstrom

New Regional NURSING HOME: Ramona Dukart

PEST Control Officer: Ben Brokenshire

POLICY: Reeve (Chair), all members of Council and Administrator

POUND & POUNDKEEPER: Steve Smith  SE 15-3-8 W2, Lorne Jahn  NW 26-1-7 W2

PUBLIC WORKS: Reeve (Chair), all members of Council

RAFFERTY Marina: Steve Smith

ROAD Ban: Don Hilstrom, Steve Smith and Lorne Jahn

Employee OH&S SAFETY: Steve Smith, Dean Karcha and Keri Lukye

SE TRANSPORTATION Planning Committee: James Trobert

WEED Inspector: Shane Schiestel and Ben Brokenshire 

WEEDS: All members of council

WOODLAWN Regional Park: Don Hilstrom and Rennie Meek (Wildlife Federation Rep.)