Elected Officials


Terry Keating


Division 1 - Lorne Jahn
Division 2 - Don Hilstrom
Division 3 - Dennis Blackburn
Division 4 - Dr. Doug Blue
Division 5 - Delbert Block
Division 6 - Bryan Tucker

2016 List of Committees & Appointments


AGRICULTURAL Councillor: Don Hilstrom
AIRPORT Liaison Committee: Doug Blue

ASSESOR: Michelle Dickie - Alternate - Administrator Alternate: Keri Abraham  AUDITOR: Meyers Norris Penny
BOARD OF REVISION: Any four of: Don Nixdorf, Steve Smith, Doug Reetz, Kelly Lafrentz, or Myron Daoust; with Shelly Veroba as Secretary
BOUNDARY SE Advisory (mines):  Dennis Blackburn, Lorne Jahn
BUILDING & GROUNDS: Dennis Blackburn, Del Block & Doug Blue
BUILDING Inspector/Officials: Wayne Meier, Avinash Gupta, Brent Adams, Clayton Meier and Ryan Thieson of MuniCode Building Services Ltd; & Manager of Engineering Services, Billy Fowler.
CEMETERY: Lorne Jahn
CITY/R.M. Liaison: Whole Council

CITY/RM Annexation: Whole Council

CREIGHTON Lodge: Doug Blue Financial: RM of Estevan Administrator

CREIGHTON Lodge Trust: Doug Blue, Managers: Judy Pratt, Shelly Veroba

Dam Delegate: Bryan Tucker

DEVELOPMENT Officer: RM Administrator, Alternate - Manager of Engineering Services

Dog Catcher:
DOG Pound: Estevan Humane Society, or Prairie Animal Health Center

Economic Development: Dennis Blackburn, Terry Keating

ELECTION: Returning Officer: Michelle Dickie

ELECTION: Polling Place:  Municipal Office in Estevan
EMERGENCY Measures Organization: Doug Blue, Dennis Blackburn, Kerri Abraham                                                                                                           

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS/ Safety Committee: Dennis Blackburn, Bryan Tucker                                                                                   

ENGINEERS: Contract as needed
FIRE Rangers: The Councillor for each division
FINANCE: Reeve (chair) all members of council

SUN COUNTRY HEALTH Leadership Network: Terry Keating

St. Joseph's HOSPITAL Foundation: Doug Blue

HIGHWAY #39 Twinning:   Dennis Blackburn, Del Block, Terry Keating
LEGAL Services: Rob Nicolay (McDougall Gauley),Aaron Ludwig ( Kohaly,Elash, Ludwig),Eileen Libby, MacPherson Leslie Tyerman & SARM Legal Services
LIBRARY (Estevan & SE): Doug Blue
Estevan Regional NURSING HOME Fundraising: Dennis Blackburn
PEST Control Officer: Pat Filz
POLICY: Terry Keating (Chair), all members of Council
POUND & POUNDKEEPER: Don Hilstrom  (NW-12-1-8 W2)
PUBLIC WORKS: Reeve (Chair), all members of Council

RAFFERTY Rural Water:  Terry Keating & Bryan Tucker

ROAD Ban: Terry Keating, Don Hilstrom, Bryan Tucker
Employee OH&S SAFETY Committee: Blaine Stropko, Keri Abraham
Employer SAFETY: Dennis Blackburn, Bryan Tucker                                                                                                                                                             
South East TRANSPORTATION Planning Committee: Del Block Alternate: Doug Blue

WEED Inspector: Shane Schiestel & Dustin Gervais
WEEDS: All members of council
WOODLAWN Regional Park: Dennis Blackburn, Lorne Jahn
Woodlawn Regional PARK (member-at-large): Lorne Jahn (member-at-large, jointly appointed with RM of Benson No. 35): Myron Daoust, Mike Halirewich (Wildlife).