Zoning Bylaw

The RM of Estevan Bylaws on this page have been submitted but not approved by Community Planning.


Amending Bylaw 2017-6 - 2017-6 Zone amendment r1.pdf

Zoning Bylaw 2016- Bylaw 2016.pdf


Zoning Bylaw Maps:

         Zoning District Map - District Map General 1.pdf

         Zoning Map A- Zoning map A.pdf

         Zoning Map B - Zoning map B.pdf

         Zoning Map C - Zoning map C.pdf

         Zoning Map D - District Map D 1.pdf

         Zoning Map E - Zoning map E.pdf

         Zoning Map F - Zoning map F.pdf

         Zoning Map Hitchcock - Zoning map Hitchcock.pdf