Dust Control

Each year the R.M. of Estevan coordinates a dust control program. It is the intent of the council to coordinate many ratepayers together in order to achieve a cost effective method of dust control.


The R.M. will notify ratepayers of the dust control program through a letter or newsletter.

Ratepayers must notify the office if they are interested in participating in the dust control program.

Ratepayers will be required to sign an agreement acknowledging the following:

  • The dust control may not be 100% effective: and
  • The cost of the dust control: and
  • Authorizing the R.M. to grade and render the dust control ineffective if rutting or other road damage exists.


The Typical application of dust control will cover 500 feet of roadway adjacent to the ratepayer’s yard.

Council will generally use Magnesium Chloride for dust control, however, other products may sometimes be utilised as well.


For current and up to date pricing, please contact the R.M Office.

The indemnity must be signed and the payment must be up front before you receive the application of dust control on the specified road.

If the ratepayer chooses to have an application greater than 500 feet, they will be charged a greater amount, which will be determined by the Administrator.

Grading Dust Control

Sites treated with dust control may become rough or may develop potholes.

If a road reaches a state where the condition of the driving surface poses a danger to the travelling public, the R.M. will grade the road which may render the dust control ineffective.

Off Season Site Maintenance

Due to limited gravel, dust control sites tend to become soft or slippery during the spring season.

If required, dust control sites will be gravelled early in the spring to aid in the stabilization of the driving surface.

*The R.M. would like to point out that dust control is only an aid and not a solution to dust problems. It depends on many things but weather, road conditions, and traffic volume on the roads, are the main factors in how effectively the dust control works.*