Pest and Weed Control

Pest Control Officer



The R.M. of Estevan No.5 contributes annually to the ADD Board Rat Control Program, who employs the services of a Pest Control Officer to serve this and other municipalities. The Pest Control Officer makes visits to locations throughout the R.M. in the spring and fall. If council determines that extra service calls are required, the pest control officer will be contracted out to make additional stops in the fall. Each ratepayer is allowed and allotment of 20 free bags of rat poison each year. There is also rat poison available for sale at the R.M Office for ratepayers requiring additional supplies. If you are aware of a rat problem, please notify the municipal office as soon as possible.


The council of the R.M. of Estevan No. 5 recognises the importance of assisting with the control of gophers. The R.M strives to make gopher poison available for sale at the R.M. office.

Pest control officer-   Our new pest control officer will be Pat Filz.  If you have any questions please call the office at 306-634-2222.



Noxious Weeds:

Leafy Spurge and other noxious weeds are an on-going problem in the R.M. Our Weed Inspector sprays for weeds on road allowances, as well as providing custom work when available. If you are aware of the location of leafy spurge, absinthe wormwood, scentless chamomile or other noxious weeds, please call the municipal office.

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