Road Bans


1. Effective at 8:00 a.m. C.S.T. on the   --------------------------, and until further notice:

(a) The maximum gross weights that may be transmitted through any point or points of contact of vehicles when operating or moving on the roads specified in paragraph 2 of this order shall not exceed 12,000 lbs.

2. This restriction applies to all roads within the Rural Municipality of Estevan No. 5 EXCEPT the following described road location(s):

(a) The following roads shall not be subject to weight restriction:

  •  The Heavy Haul road described as:  S. 33, 34, 35, 36-2-8-W2 & E. 24, 25-2-8-W2
  •  Shand Access Road described as: Through pt. 3, 4, N. pt. 4 & 5, Through 8, E. pt. 7, E. 18-2-7-W2
  •  Highway Maintenance access described as: W. 18 & through pt. 7-2-7-W2
  •  Southland Pulse Access described as: Through 7-3-8-W2
  •  Roads located South of Hwy 39 and in Section 28-2-8-W2; except Claman Drive and the W ½ of Malmgren Drive
  •  Roads located in NW 17-2-7-W2 East Industrial
  •  Roads located in SE & NE 18-2-7-W2 East Industrial
  •  The road located S. SW 5-3-8-W2
  •  Roads located in SW 19-02-07-W2
  •  Roads located in NE 19-02-07-W2
  •      Roads located in SW 29-02-07-W2
  •  King Street described as: the portion located 250 meters W. of Estevan Truck Route Bypass and N. of NE 19-02-07-2
  •  Kensington N to Bypass E of SE 35-02-08-2
  •      South from HWY 39 Bypass “Grain Terminal Road” to the Richardson Pioneer Terminal.

If you are unsure if your vehicle meets our weight restrictions, use this calculator to help you.
Please print off and fill out the Road Haul Agreement and the Road Ban Permit application and fax them to our office at (306) 634 2223

* The R.M. of Estevan would like to inform everyone applying for the overweight permits, if you do not haul for whatever reason, you need to inform us or you will still be charged the permit fee.*

Contact the office for our permit pricing. (306) 634 2222.



Road Haul Agreement 2018 - Road Haul Agreement for Road Bans.pdf

Road Ban Permit - Ban Permit 2018 .pdf